York fitness t800 Treadmill Review


York fitness t800 Treadmill Review

Indoor running is convenient since factors such as the weather will not stop you from working out. If you want to try this, you should get a good treadmill. York Fitness T800 can help you keep fit from the comfort of your home. This treadmill comes with a quality LCD screen that can help you check your training data. You can, for instance, check the distance you cover, the calories you burn, and how fast you run from this display.
It also features a long and wide running mat that ensures the best performance as you jog, run or walk on the treadmill. Many people are also impressed with the affordable price of this treadmill. This treadmill accommodates users of different heights and weights.

What we liked

It is cheap
This treadmill has a wide running mat
It contains wheels that make it portable

What we didn’t like

The programs are a bit limited



This treadmill comes with an intuitive console that contains different keys that enhance convenience during use. Apart from the quick keys, the console also contains a bottle holder. You can also utilize this holder to store other things such as keys as you work out. It also comes with speakers that can help you stay entertained as you work out.
Motor and cushioning
Apart from that, it features a 2.5 HP motor that can help you train continuously. It gives you not only an excellent performance but also a comfortable workout experience due to the inclusion of cushioning system.


York fitness T800 comes with at least 20 programs that you can pick from. It has at least 12 preset programs, one body fat, and three user programs. It also includes at least three target programs. If you are new to using a treadmill, start with the most basic programs before trying target programs.


Once you invest in this treadmill, you should expect a lifetime warranty for the frame. The manufacturer also includes a two-year warranty for the motor and one year warranty for the rest of the parts.


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