Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Treadmill Review


Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Treadmill Review

Having a treadmill at home can encourage you to work out more often. If you want to get one, one of the models that you may come across is Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise treadmill. This is a popular model with lots of features and an affordable price.

It has a folding design that makes it occupy less space. Unlike some models, this treadmill comes with at least nine workout programs. This model also stands out from its competitor since it can calculate your body mass index (BMI).

What we liked

It has a variety of programs
It calculates BMI
This treadmill can keep you entertained
It is foldable

What we didn’t like

It has a short and narrow track
Short warranty
Small incline


Handrail controls
This is a convenient treadmill to use during workouts since it comes with speed controls that are built into the handrails.


Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise treadmill also comes with a simple computer that anyone can use. During workouts, this presents data such as pulse, calories, speed, distance, and time. You can also find out your BMI through this treadmill.

Media ledge

This treadmill offers a media ledge to give you an entertaining workout experience. You can use the ledge that is built into the treadmill’s console to support a tablet or smartphone.


Since this treadmill is compact, it does not take up a lot of floor space. You can even fold it to a smaller size and store it even in tight places. When you unfold the deck, it drops gently and cannot damage your floor.


Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise is not that impressive when it comes to the warranty since it offers short-term coverage. The frame comes with a one-year warranty, while the parts are covered for only 90 days. The manufacturer does not cover labor expenses.


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