Shopify vs Gumroad


Shopify vs Gumroad

While both platforms make it easy for you to start your store, there are differences in what you can sell on each platform.

Gumroad allows you to sell physical and digital products, subscriptions, and pre-orders, regardless of whether you use a free or premium account. However, you must accept whatever Gumroad offers in its features; this means you cannot expand your store’s functionality beyond what the platform offers.

Shopify is vastly different, and will allow you to sell anything you want, as well as adding additional functions like selling custom merchandise and dropshipping. It also lets you connect your store with a physical point of sale for physical items, and its wide range of ecommerce features allows you to expand your store according to its growth rate.
Shopify is the winner due to its additional ecommerce storefront features.


Gumroad does not allow third-party extensions on its platform, so you will have to use whatever it offers you. These include selling pre-orders, discount codes, memberships, and access store analytics. It is good to note that using third-party applications will result in extra charges for your site.

Shopify has a more developed ecosystem, with more than 5,000 apps to enhance your store’s functionality. It has in-built integrations with leading third-party ecommerce applications, and you can access these benefits in both paid and free flavors.

Shopify allows you to do much more when expanding your store through its apps.


Gumroad does not allow you to use customized themes for your store, even for premium users. The only thing you can do is remove its branding from your website when you join a paid plan, as well as making small changes to some visual elements. Shopify does not have these restrictions, as you can use paid and free themes for your store. It even allows you to edit its codebase through its liquid syntax and adjust your store’s functionality.


Both platforms handle your hosted online store and will store all its information in their cloud servers. They also allow you to sell both physical and digital products, and their checkout processes are user-friendly.


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