How to delete Squarespace website


How to delete Squarespace website

If you are planning on quitting Squarespace entirely, you will need to know how to delete your account or account to avoid spamming from the platform. It is quite easy to create a website there, while deleting it may seem challenging due to the platform not encouraging users to leave; but it is possible, through the steps we will outline in this article.

What happens to a deleted Squarespace website?

When you delete your website, the platform will mark its content for permanent erasure, and it will also deactivate any subscription agreements you have. However, it is also good to note that Squarespace can only delete a cancelled or expired site that does not have any additional subscriptions.

After the site deletion:

Visitors will not access your site
You cannot log in to apply any changes
Any third-party domain that has a link to your website will disconnect automatically
Your website will not appear in your account dashboard
Depending on various factors, it may take more than 30 days for Squarespace to remove your website permanently.

A cancelled subscription

When you cancel your subscription, your website will immediately go offline and it will stop your subscriptions, although it does not remove your content immediately – you may still recover the content depending on how long it has been since you deleted your site.

Things to do before deleting the website

If your website is under a paid subscription, make sure you cancel the subscription first.
If the website has additional subscriptions such as Scheduling and Google Workspace, Squarespace will not delete it until you cancel them.
If the website has a Squarespace domain, you cannot delete it until you transfer or cancel the domain.
Rather than deleting the website, you can choose to un-publish it temporarily by setting a site-wide password or making it private.
Steps to deleting your website

Checking the site

If you have many Squarespace sites, confirm the ones you want to delete or switch to the site you want.
Go to the account dashboard and all the subscriptions that are connected to the account.
Hover over the thumbnail of the site and tap the Go to Website button.

Deleting the website

Go to the Home menu and select Settings.
Tap on the Billing and Account menu.
Select the Delete site option. You will not see this option if your website has active subscriptions.
The site will open a panel that will prompt a confirmation, so you can select Delete Site again.
It will then send a final warning. Select Delete Site to confirm your decision.
Once it is done, it will give you a ‘Site Deleted’ message. It will also display the message to any of your website visitors.
Additionally, you can delete a site from another account’s dashboard. If you want to do this, select the … on the site you want to delete, then choose Delete.


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