How to cancel Squarespace


How to cancel Squarespace

When you start using a website builder such as Squarespace and sign up for their premium plans, your hope is to use it for as long as possible without cancelling it. However, you may want to let go of your subscription for several reasons, such as if it fails to deliver what you expected from it.
However, many platforms can make procedures difficult for you because they do not want you to leave, but it is still possible for you to do so, such as in the case of a Squarespace subscription.

When you want to cancel a Squarespace trial

The Squarespace trial automatically expires after 14 days, but you can still delete the trial before it ends. Additionally, you can delete expired trials from your account.
If you are cancelling a trial, visitors will not view your website as the site remains in your account until after 30 days when the system removes it. This will be a good choice if you want to keep the site for later use.

If you want to cancel the trial while keeping it visible in your account:

  • Go to the Account Dashboard.
  • Select Settings, and then tap Billing and Account.
  • Select Billing on the resulting menu.
  • Select Cancel Trial.
  • You can select Skip, or choose your reason for cancelling the trial in the drop-down menu.
  • Select Cancel Trial.
  • You can still access your account afterwards, but you will now see a message at the bottom denoting that your website subscription is inactive or expired.

Steps to cancel a premium subscription

You can do this at any time through two methods: either disabling the auto-renew option and letting the website expire, or canceling the subscription and making the website offline. Before cancelling, the platform will still show you your active subscriptions like Google Workspace, and they will not cancel automatically just because you cancelled your Squarespace subscription.

  • You will only get refunds if you cancel the website subscription after 14 days
  • You cannot transfer the subscription from one website to another
  • Your site content will be deleted after 30 days after cancelling the subscription, although you can export it

If you want to hide or un-publish the site temporarily, you can set a password for the entire website instead of cancelling the subscription.

  • Disabling auto-renewal
  • Go to the Home menu, select Settings, and select the Billing and Account option.
  • Select Billing.
  • Depending on your plan, choose Store or Website.
  • Uncheck the Auto-Renew option.
  • Confirm by selecting Save.

Cancelling the subscription

  • Go to the Home menu, select Settings, and select the Billing and Account option.
  • Select Billing in the menu.
  • In the Subscriptions information, select the Subscription plan you use. 

Select Cancel Subscription

  • Select the reason for cancelling, or choose Skip.
  • Review additional subscriptions and choose Continue.
  • Select Cancel Subscription.


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