How to add Instagram feed to Squarespace


How to add Instagram feed to Squarespace

lively features such as hashtags, geo-tagging, editing tools, and filters. It also has considerably high engagement rates, with the rates being 20 times higher compared to Twitter, and 15 times higher compared to Facebook.
If you own a Squarespace website, you can take greater advantage of the great features Instagram offers. This is enhanced due to the aesthetic feeds that are a trademark of Squarespace websites, as well as the beautiful templates and award-winning web designs.

Why should you add Instagram feeds to your Squarespace website?

Your website will also look more vibrant due to the exciting videos and pictures, making your website more responsive and dynamic. It will also boost interactions with your audience, as it builds better product visibility.
Procedure to add your Instagram feed to your Squarespace website
The first thing to do is connecting your Instagram account to the Squarespace website, which you can do through this procedure:

  • On your laptop or desktop computer, access your Instagram accounts and log out of all of them. This will prevent mistakenly connecting your personal Instagram account to your Squarespace account. However, you can stay logged in if you only have one Instagram account.
  • On the Home menu, select Settings. Select Connected Accounts.
  • Select the Connect Account option, and choose Instagram.
  • If you logged out in the first step, you can log back in.
  • If you want your Squarespace website to automatically showcase your feed, you need to check the Download Data checkbox.

Adding an Instagram icon to the Squarespace website

You now have several methods to link the Instagram account, such as adding an Instagram icon to help your visitors access your feed quickly. To do so, follow these steps:
Access the settings menu on your Squarespace website, and select Social Links.
Add the link to your Instagram profile, select the Show Social Icon option, and select Save.
You now have the option of placing the Instagram icon at the bottom of all your pages, sidebars, or your home page by selecting an insert point, then selecting Social Links.
Alternatively, you can include your partial Instagram feed to increase the curiosity of your visitors and making them want to see your entire feed.

Adding the feed to a specific Squarespace page
To add the feed:

  • Choose the page you want to display the feed on, and select an insert point on its left side to add the feed as often as you want.
  • Near the bottom of the resulting popup menu, select Instagram Block.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the account you want to display.
  • Choose the number of recent posts you want displayed on your website.
  • Select the Design tab, which will let you select how you want the display to look like and select Apply.


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